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Private commissions
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Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Commission
Subject 'Garden' - 30.11.2011

Watercolour paint and pencils

I was asked to create a piece for the new Family Bereavement Room. This room is one of the many being introduced throughout the UK for families who have lost a child through childbirth or during pregnancy. Through raising awareness for babies born too soon many hospitals are now following suit.

Private Commission
Subject 'The Consultation Room'

126 x 124 cms Acrylic on Canvas

When I volunteered for Sky TVs shock treatment, I had to see a Harley Street Psychiatrist to make sure I was mentally fit to partake in such a programme.

After telling him I thought I was Dali re-incarnated..! just for a laugh and to see his response!! to my surprise....we then went into great discussion about Dali and he gave me my very first paint his consultation room...!!

The Consultation Room.jpg