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artist & art director

I have been involved as Art Director in the BBC2 documentary Age of Terror, as well as the BBC1’s Panorama documentary, A Good Kicking.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team on these productions, and having the opportunity to be creative for these national television channels.

I met some amazing people during my time working behind the scene on the film Hell’s Pavement.  The film is based on the producer’s own experiences which include being fostered, being a foster parent, founding independent foster care, managing a fostering service, training in the public, private and voluntary sectors and writing and documentary film making. Directed by Andy Kemp and starring Pauline McLynn (Shameless, Father Ted), Connor Byrne (London’s Burning, Tracy Beaker), Diveen Henry (London River, Grow Your Own) and introducing Keeki Bennetts, the film tells the story of the life of 11 year old Aimee, who is removed from the care of her own mother by well meaning professionals attempting to protect her from further neglect and abuse.