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In 2003 Richard Rhodes approached me with a project I couldn’t refuse to be a part of.  He had a selection of poems that he  wanted to bring alive to produce a book.  We carefully chose 12 poems and over 2 years I created the collection of 12 acrylic paintings.  The book was finally finished with explanations of each individual piece from the writers point of view and from the creators point of view.  

The end result .. a book that takes you on a journey of self discovery...

This project is forever evolving and Richard has become my creative partner and my soul mate.

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A personal journey

A selection of pieces from my life experiences.

Drawn Words & Written Pictures.pdf

Life in mono

My black and white inspirations, including my much talked about ‘Meerkat Collection’.

Black & White


A selection of bespoke commissions.

Personal Collection Private Commissions Digital Artwork